A New Way Forward for 2022-27

  • Delivering a world-class education requires us to put the needs of students above all else as we prepare to roll out a new strategic plan for Fayette County Public Schools. Through forums, interviews, surveys, community meetings, and focus groups over 15 months, we asked the community to share their vision for the future of our students and our school district. More than 18,000 students, employees, families, and community members lent their voices to this work.

    We are especially grateful to PNC Vice President Yajaira Aich West, who served as a community facilitator for our work, and the members of the following three groups, who played critical roles in identifying priorities, objectives, strategies, and measures of success:

    • a 32-member advisory group of key community partners in business, the faith community, and higher education;
    • a 43-member working group of school leaders, teachers, district staff, families, PTA members, and civic leaders; and
    • a 22-member student input group.

    These groups developed an outline of thoughts, possibilities, and ideas. We have distilled all of this work into a draft strategic plan, which was shared with the Fayette County Board of Education in spring 2022. We have identified high-level strategies for specific actions and activities in these five priority areas:

    • Student achievement
    • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
    • Highly effective and culturally responsive workforce
    • Engagement and outreach
    • Organizational health and efficiency

    View the plan's framework

    We received final feedback on the draft from more than 1,000 students, employees, families, and community members through an in-person listening session and an online form.

    View the 2022-27 Strategic Plan (final version is pending)

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