Summer Gardening


Cassidy Science Garden Helpers

Please help keep the Cassidy Science Garden looking beautiful over the summer! We need help weeding and watering the garden and emptying on our new trash/recycling bin. The date that you sign up for can vary by one day if you need to come sooner or later to allow flexibility to your schedule. Herbs also need to be snipped to keep them from going to seed. You can use the snippings at home in your cooking. There will be a key to the storage unit on the back right hand side of the brown metal bin. The metal storage unit houses the garden tools and garden hose and directions for hooking it up inside of the bin. Inside of the storage bins will be gardening gloves, disposable gloves, and garbage bags for the trash/recycling bins. The bags can be taken to the blue dumpster or trash receptacle in the back lot of Cassidy or nearby at Morton. We really appreciate your help!

CLICK HERE to sign up!

If you have any questions please reach out to Kristi Fehr.