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Attention LTMS Learning Community, 

The current system for sharing student progress at most FCPS schools are two progress reports every nine weeks.  Here at LTMS, we want to make sure that our grading system reflects the values of our current program, and, given that we value the growth that students make each year, we want to make sure that our grades take growth into account.  

One of the best parts about having the Summit Learning Platform available to you at all times is that any time you want to see your child’s grades you can. With Summit Learning at LTMS, your student's grade is constantly being updated and all students are permitted to improve a score on an assignment at any point in the school year, no matter when the test or assignment was assigned or completed.

Today's FCPS progress report is only a snapshot of your student's current platform and will not be considered final until the end of the school year.  At the end of the year, we will be able to fully account for all of your child’s learning by posting a final grade.  

Throughout the school year, your child may be reported as “Off Track”. Anything lower than a C- is considered off track. This is simply an incomplete score.  Incomplete means that your child still has work to do to pass his/her course.  

Specifically, a student earns an incomplete in a course when:

  • There is an overdue project
  • The average cognitive skills score is below passing for their respective grade level, which is any score below 70% on the cognitive score rubric rating.
  • The number of power focus areas is not “on-track” to finish by the end of the year

An incomplete means that a student needs to fix one or more of the above problems. If your student has an incomplete, he/she needs to meet with his/her mentor and/or project time teacher to make a plan to resolve the academic performance issue.