Congratulations Honors Orchestra

Honors Orchestra

Congratulations!!!!  We had 21 students accepted into the KMEA District 7 Middle School Honors Orchestra. There were over 200 students who auditioned, and many of our students placed very well.
Symphonic Orchestra:  Emerson Farrar, 2nd chair 2nd violin (#4 in the auditions!); Elizabeth Mullins, 10th chair viola; Andrew Peng, 1st chair cello (section leader!); Dorothy George, 4th chair cello

Philharmonic Orchestra:  Julianne Fisher, 1st chair 1st violin (Concertmaster!); Olivia Johnson, 5th chair 1st violin; Debbie Ishimwe, 7th chair 1st violin; Kira DeLeon, 12th chair 1st violin; Kiyah Jackson, 4th chair 2nd violin; Logan Smith, 5th chair 2nd violin; Kyli Gentry, 5th chair viola; Kylie Proffit, 10th chair viola; Erica Ramirez Velsaquez, 11th chair viola; Ada Burris, 5th chair cello; Oscar Mondono, 5th chair bass

Alternates: Ellyshia Russell, 5th violin alternate; Abigail Henz, 6th violin alternate; Ami Tao, 5th cello alternate

6th Grade Honors Orchestra: Max Majors, 1st Violin; Riley Morris, 2nd Violin; Kylie Singleton, 2nd Violin; Chase Profitt, Viola; Emma Harris, Cello; Taylor Taggart, Cello