Morton Middle Spring Semester

On Thursday, January 7, our students will begin the Spring semester virtually, following our Fall NTI-2DL schedule.  Morton will continue to follow District guidance about in-person and remote learning options. 


We are making every effort to prepare a plan to set each of our students up for success. All students will have 8 periods each day whether in-person or remote IF students return to instruction by reporting to the building. If students continue virtual learning in January, we will have 4 classes each day with a modified Wednesday schedule, similar to our current virtual schedule.


Our goal is to keep students on their current team whether they are in-person or remote in January. Every student, whether in-person or remote, will have the same amount of class time. Every student, whether in-person or remote, will have adequate and appropriate supervision to ensure safety and learning to the best of our ability.


Have a wonderful, safe winter break! Classes will resume virtually with NTI: 2DL on Jan. 7, 2021. We encourage all FCPS students, staff, and their families to follow CDC guidelines during winter break to prevent the spread of COVID-19.