NTI 2DL Information:

All Secondary schools will be moving to CANVAS for our digital Learning Management System (LMS). This will limit students having to learn multiple LMSs. CANVAS is very well organized and allows for more creativity and engagement in lessons. It also interfaces with Infinite Campus, connects to district provided programs, provides due dates for assignments, and allows for easy communication between parent/teacher and teacher/student.


CANVAS FAQs for Parents can be found at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wkZnw7VohLfqvH8P1hI5ectUuAvvvDcFHoCkn6sbQak/edit?usp=sharing


FCPS has answered many questions about our Fall 2020 learning opportunities in the Reenvisioning, Reimagining and Renewing Booklet https://www.fcps.net/Page/16223    

Morton Leadership is committed to providing a daily schedule for delivery of instruction and expectations for teaching and learning. Upon approval of SBDM, we will share ​more specifics regarding the daily instructional schedule with our families. 


A monthly newsletter will be distributed by the principal beginning the month of August. Please be sure that your email addresses are accurate so that you do not miss out on vital information.