Morton End-of-Year Procedures May 2020

Morton End-of-Year Procedures May 2020

Hope this message finds you healthy and safe!  We know you’ve been waiting for information on materials return ( textbooks, library books, instruments, Chromebooks, etc.) and retrieval of belongings in lockers.  Good news!  After receiving FCPS COVID-19 Emergency Guidelines for End-of-School Procedures on Friday evening, our next step was to submit a formal plan to our Chief and FCPS Office of Risk Management to review and approve via health department guidelines…and wait for a green light from them before proceeding.  We submitted our plan yesterday morning and it was approved late this afternoon.  Yay!!! 

Our plan is attached: MMS End of Year Procedures May 2020

Below is an excerpt from the plan that may be of extra interest. 

Material Check In-Out Process:

  • Students will return materials (textbooks, library books, instruments, Chromebooks – if they so choose) and pick-up locker contents, if applicable, per the designated drive-thru schedule below according to alpha and grade level.
    • Friday, May 22 – 8th graders
    • Tuesday, May 26 - 7th graders
    • Wednesday, May 27 - 6th graders
    • Thursday & Friday, May 28 and 29 – Make-Up days by appointment



Students with last names beginning…

9:00 am

A, B, C

9:45 am

D, E, F

10:30 am

G, H, I, J

11:15 am

K, L, M

12:00 pm

N, O, P

1:00 pm

Q, R, S

1:45 pm

T, U, V

2:30 pm

W, X, Y, Z


  • If a family has children at different grade levels, they can let us know in advance and complete the material check in-out process on the same day.
  • School personnel will be at well-marked stations around the Providence Side parking lot to accept returns in boxes/tubs or on carts as well as to deliver locker contents to cars.
  • Although Chromebooks are not required to be returned unless students are leaving the district, we will give students/families the opportunity to return them.