Accelerated Reader Team Winners!

Accelerated Reader Team Winners!

We’re off to a great start with students earning over 12, 000 AR points during the first nine weeks of school!  Kudos to the sixth grade for having the highest AR point total of 4,647.1 points.  Congratulations to Mrs. Dixon’s third period class for earning the most AR points, and to the second period of Mrs. Heyerly for having the highest average correct (90%).  Let’s keep the momentum going by trying to earn at least 13, 000 points for the second grading period.  Remember… Mustangs who read succeed!

Team Winners

First Place -  Gabe Cammack Coleman (Equestrian)

Second Place -  Tsikwaya Ware (Thoroughbred)

Third Place -    Evan Duggal (Winstar)

Fourth Place -  James Rogers (Champion)

Fifth Place –  Bridget Yun (Dream Team)

6th Place -    Thomas Ehrenborg (Triple Crown)