We Miss All of Our Trailblazers!

Here are some resources that might prove useful during this uncertain time.  

Family Emotional Well-Being

30 things to do for your emotional health


FCPS Family Resource and Youth Service Centers are available to help any family with basic necessities. Because Rosa Parks Elementary does not have a FRYSC, families in need of basic necessities are encouraged to call one of the centers closest to our school (listed below). If you would like to donate items to others in need, you can also call any of our Family Resource and Youth Service Centers to coordinate.

Beaumont Middle School Youth Service Center: Betsy Waters 859-381-3107/3109 Betsy.waters@fayette.kyschools.us James Lane Allen FRC: Madeline Potter 859-381-4803/3459 Madeline.potter@fayette.kyschools.us

Garden Springs Elem FRC: Haley Turner 859-381-4543/3400 Haley.turner@fayette.kyschools.us


RPE Counselors are also available to assist in making resource referrals. Please let us know how we can support you and your family during this challenging time.


Brandy Gordon brandy.gordon@fayette.kyschools.us


Katie Havelda katie.havelda@fayette.kyschools.us


Trisha Jarnagin trisha.jarnagin@fayette.kyschools.us