SCAPA Front Entrance Renovation - Begins Monday, February 6, 2020

SCAPA front entrance under renovation

SCAPA is undergoing a major change to our front vestibule that will make our school more secure for the safety of everyone in the building.  This is a wonderful investment by the district, and it is much appreciated. The construction is expected to take about six weeks. During that time, please adhere to these changes:

  • Our new front door will be along the veranda, just opposite the door to the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR).  Everyone will always enter and exit from this door during the renovation.
    1. Our SCAPA ambassador and door monitor, Mr. Blazan Mijatovic, will be stationed outside the door by the Multi-Purpose Room.  We have a new doorbell at this location.
    2. Offices will shift, some temporarily and some permanently, because of the renovation.
      1. The office for our secretaries will temporarily be in the SCAPA conference room, to the left of our current front door if you were entering the building.  When the renovation is complete, the secretaries will be in the new office area, which will be where Mrs. Carla Pleasant’s office currently is, just to the right of our current front door if you were entering the building.  This new office will also take over part of the workroom and will be a nice new area for our school.
      2. Mrs. Carla Pleasant, our gifted and talented facilitator, will permanently move to the current secretaries’ office.
  • There will be NO ENTRANCE or EXIT out the current front doors during the renovations.
  • Car and bus drop-off and pick-up will remain in the same places outside.  The only difference is that students will enter at the new front door entrance.  This means that students will have to walk a little farther to get in the front door if they are a car rider, but there is a sidewalk that will take them to this entrance.  Please continue to drop them off only in the area where we drop them now.