Bagstreet Boys in Eco Challenge finals

Bagstreet Boys a national first-place winner in Eco Challenge

A team of highly motivated students from SCAPA at Bluegrass is celebrating a first-place win in the 2019 Lexus Eco Challenge and a total of $25,000 in award money for their efforts. SCAPA’s “Bagstreet Boys” are one of eight first-place teams nationwide in the Lexus Eco Challenge, a STEM program and contest that inspires middle and high school students to learn about the environment and take action to improve it. SCAPA’s team -- Jayden Young, Shayda Alsalihi, Violet Ferguson, Sofia Wu, Nora Mack, Jamie Cook, and Marianne Gebb – focused on the environmental impact of single-use plastic bags and encouraging people to opt for reusable bags. Earlier this academic year, the team received $10,000 for their entry in the Land-Water Challenge. Now, as a first-place winner in the Final Challenge, SCAPA will receive another grant for $15,000; it will be shared by the school ($3,000), teacher/adviser Ashlie Arkwright ($2,000), and scholarships among the seven students ($10,000). 

Bagstreet Boys