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SBDM Election

Any parent of a current VPE student in grades K-4 are able to vote along with incoming Kindergarten parents/guardians.  Voting is open from now until Friday, April 16 at 5:00pm.  Please use the following link to vote:

Randa Remer-Eskridge


My name is Randa Remer-Eskridge. I am a native Lexingtonian and graduate of the Fayette County Public School System.  As well, I am a mother of three children, Jae (15), Rory (8), and Mackenzie (4). My educational background is that of a Licensed Professional Counselor with a PhD in Educational Psychology. Professionally, I have more than 23 years of experience working in a variety of roles in higher education, typically with an emphasis on student life. Currently, I teach undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky and run undergraduate initiatives aimed at student success (i.e., Diversity Healthcare Program in partnership with Bryan Station High School and the PATHfinders Peer Mentor program in the College of Health Sciences). Significantly, I have experience working in concert with the K-12 system educating elementary, middle, and high school students regarding health professions and teaching them how to navigate their paths to higher education.

Interest in the position

Elementary education is pivotal to the long-term success of students. Training related to educational psychology teaches me that motivation is central to helping students succeed. Effective teachers and administrators must view students holistically, attending to their academic, social, psychological, and physical needs and recognizing that all these aspects are crucial to student success.

Building a culture of diversity and inclusion is critical to student success at Veterans Park Elementary. Students need to belong to their academic and social communities, feel safe, and have a positive view of themselves. Creating this sense of belonging is critical to students’ overall development that occurs in part through the establishment of mentoring relationships and peer connections.

Accordingly, I seek to serve on the School Based Decision-Making Council to help ensure outstanding student services, including initiatives to create safe and inclusive spaces for diverse students. Having safe and welcoming contexts for learning requires attending to students’ diverse identities. It is imperative that we break down barriers to create access for all students.


Jeffrey K. Rice – 

Brief Biography:

I am a long time resident of Lexington and my children have attended VPE since kindergarten.  My son is completing fifth grade this year and my daughter is a fourth grader.  My children enjoy VPE and I have enjoyed being involved as well.  I have served as a parent member on the SBDM council for the past two years and prior to this year, I have volunteered in other ways, too, such as working with the COSI program and helping lead events at Fun Day.

I am a program/portfolio manager with Humana Inc. leading a team of project managers responsible for completing various health care related projects.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Morehead State University and also an MBA from Xavier University.  In addition, I have experience as an adjunct university faculty member.

 I have experience with serving and leading various groups.  In addition to serving on the VPE SBDM council, I just stepped down after four years of serving as the Committee Chairman of Cub Scout Pack 221 which serves Veterans Park Elementary primarily.   At our church, I lead an adult class, have led preschool music, coached soccer and served on various committees. 

My wife, LaRaine, supports my nomination and is a former teacher who currently serves as the Lexington area director for Orphan Care Alliance.  As a family, we have a heart for supporting foster and adoptive families. 


As a volunteer at VPE and through my work with Cub Scouts, I have become acquainted with many VPE students and families.  I look forward to continuing to serve on the SBDM council.

Your support and consideration are appreciated.  I would love to talk with any parents and teachers who have questions or would like to know more about me.

Brief reason why I should be elected to this position:

I want to use my experience to help maintain VPE as a strong academic center especially after so much disruption during the past year.  Supporting our students, teachers, staff and families by continuing to serve on the SBDM council would be an honor!