A letter From Dabney

A Letter From Ms. Dabney

A Letter from Ms. Dabney and a Video from Wags!

March 27, 2020

Dear Veterans Park Families

Thank you to all of the families who were able to come through our “VPE Carline” and pick up materials and Chromebooks for your students on Monday.  If you were unable to come through the line our teachers and staff delivered all materials and resources to families and as of 2:00 on Tuesday all materials were in the hands of our students!  Thank you for being flexible and understanding as we work through these new learning adjustments.

If you did not check out a Chromebook for your student and you determine that you need one starting April 6th please contact your child’s teacher and we will work with you to get one to you.  Also, if you are having a login issue we ask that you contact your student’s teacher for assistance. Fayette County also is offering a technology help line to support students and families while at home and they can be reached at 859.381.4410 and are available Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm.  Please note they will not be available during Spring Break.

Veterans Park has added a NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) tab to our website and this will house resources for families and students to help navigate some of the online learning.  There will be teacher contact information/office hours and many other resources for you. We will continue to update these along with teacher emails to keep you up to speed as to what is going on.  Please remember that official NTI days will begin on Monday, April 6th as this next week is our scheduled Spring Break.

We know that our students are reading at home and a lot more than those 20 minutes a day! This means students are finishing books quickly and many have requested to be able to take Reading Counts tests while at home.  Therefore, we have posted the Reading Counts link on the VPE website under the student tab and pushed it out to students’ Clever login when they are signed into their Chromebooks. The only thing we ask is that you allow students to independently take these tests.  Ms. Ault will continue to give RC updates to teachers to keep the competition going amongst the classrooms and students! Keep up the reading!

Each Friday, we will continue to update the Flash and send it out with as many updates as we have available to you.  Please look for my letter to be attached weekly and always if you have questions or concerns please email me. 

May everyone stay healthy!

Molly Dabney


Veterans Park Elementary


P.S. Wags has been staying busy!  If you’re wondering what he’s been up to, please watch him in action!