NTI-2DL Information for Parents/Guardians


My name is Lisa Rudzinski, and I am the Homeland Security/Law Enforcement program teacher at Eastside Technical Center.  If you have a student returning to my program, you may know me as “Captain” as that is what our students call me.  For those of you with new students-Welcome!


You are receiving this email because I have a student in at least one of my classes that lists this email as a parent/guardian household contact.  If I need to revise or you received this email in error, please reply to let me know so that my records are as up-to-date as possible.


Such challenges times we are all facing, but more so for our students-whose lives have been flipped upside down with uncertainty ahead. 


I am sending you this email so that you have my direct contact information and so that you are aware that our learning continues, but just in a new way.


Most importantly, I want you to know how much I love and miss our students here at Eastside.  This classroom, and in fact, building, isn’t the same without the life each one brings to it.  My heart aches at not being around them and interacting with them in person.  

Cancelled skills competitions, cancelled sporting activities, cancelled schools, cancelled work, and cancelled social activities.  What a lot for all of us, but especially our young people to process. 


To that end, I have tried to create multiple platforms for them to engage with me and with their classmates.  I will outline some of those below.


First-if you are unaware, Fayette County Public Schools is working hard to make sure your student, and all students in the district are able to get a meal or two.  Attached to this email is a comprehensive document listing locations and times.  Your student doesn’t need to go to their school, they can go to any stop or school for meals (breakfast and lunch).


Second-FCPS has created a detailed “one-stop” for information related to the district’s current response to actions due to COVID 19. Here is that link



Third-We have an online platform for remote learning called CANVAS.  You are welcome to join any class your student is enrolled in as an observer.  I just need to know you would like to do so, and I need a good email for you.



Should a future need arise for access to technology for them to perform the work, please email me and let me know.  I have lots of things in place to help them out.





Finally, and importantly, I am working hard to help your students be successful as we begin a new school year. I am learning as I go on some of the technology, but so far so good.


Please let your student know how excited I am for them to continue or join our program, and contact me with any questions/concerns/issues and ideas.


More soon






Captain Lisa Rudzinski (retired)

Homeland Security Teacher

Eastside Technical Center

2208 Liberty Road

Lexington, KY 40509

Phone (859) 381-3740

Fax (859) 381-3747


Eastside Technical Center Mission:

“To prepare students for entry level technical occupations, two-year community colleges, two-year technical colleges and four-year universities.”


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