August 2018

Posted by Tammy Drury on 8/29/2018

I am focusing on the Science and Engineering Practices and the Crosscutting Concepts in order to lay a foundation for students to "do" and "think" science. These are explained in the NGSS standards.
The Science and Engineering Practices are: 
  1. Asking questions/Solving problems
  2. Developing/Using models
  3. Analyzing/Interpreting data
  4. Planning/Carrying out investigations
  5. Using mathematical computational thinking
  6. Constructing Explanations/Designing Solutions
  7. Obtaining/Evaluating/Communicating Information
The Cross-Cutting Concepts are:
  1.  Patterns
  2. Cause and Effect
  3. Structure and Function
  4. Scale Proportion and Quantity
  5. Energy and Matter (in systems)
  6. System and System Models
  7. Stability and Change (in systems)
K/1:  What is Science; What is a Scientist; Tools Scientists Use
2/3:  How scientists use the skills of close observation and sketching/diagramming to learn about  things (including using the 5 senses);  How to write good scientific questions
4/5:  How to use observations to write good scientific questions that could be answered by investigation