Living Lab Teams

Students possess an inherent curiosity about our built environment, STEM careers in design and construction and our collective impact on our shared natural world.  Leveraging our school campuses and buildings as 3D textbooks, Living Lab students serve as their school community’s local experts on how a new school will impact instructional strategies and our shared ecosystem, all the while learning first-hand how to prepare for a career in design and construction.

Tates Creek HS, Garrett Morgan Elem, Dixie Elem and Athens Chilesburg Elementary leverage the design and construction of two new schools as a Living Lab.

Tates Creek HS students meet with architects and with engineers TateHillJacob Architects and CMTA Engineer to provide authentic engagement in the artistic, collaborative, regulatory, fiscal, health and environmental elements from project concept to completion.

Athens Chilesburg, Dixie and Garrett Morgan Elementary students learn about the high-performing, sustainable elements of FCPS's New Middle School through partnership with JRA Architects.