Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council--Year in Review

Bluegrass Youth Sustainability in the News!


The Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council is a project-based organization composed of a cross-section of environmentally passionate students from Fayette County's public and private high schools.  Mentored by Tresine Logsdon and local organizations with a passion for sustainability, the BYSC meets monthly to discuss collaborative outreach projects, short-term and long-term goals, partnership prospects and leadership and post-secondary opportunities in all areas of sustainability including energy management, outdoor classrooms, waste management, water quality and air quality.  Their culminating and largest collaborative event is the spring Earth Day Celebration in partnership with Bluegrass Tomorrow, IdeaFestival (TED Talk Youth + Career Maker Faire).


The BYSC serves as an extraordinary leadership and collaborative opportunity for our area youth leaders who deeply care about environmental quality and are motivated to work together with local experts and volunteers on projects to improve sustainability.   Simply put, the BYSC is a team of like-minded individuals poised to raise awareness and promote improved sustainability throughout our community and our world.




18-19 Project Committees + Action Items

Urban Gardening Project Committee—partnered with Town Branch Partners on design and programming for Lexington’s impending Town Branch Park.  BYSC students offer insight on ways to reach youth through interactive art, how to effectively incorporate social media and technology into park features and why sustainability is a top priority for their generation.  BYSC student leaders understand how transformative Town Branch Park will be to their hometown, and we are infinitely grateful to Bluegrass Community Foundation and Town Branch Partners for giving them a seat at the table.  Town Branch Partners have inspired unprecedented leadership from BYSC students by not just inviting them to the conversation—but insisting they lead it.

Also—build and install cinder block planters for local high schools to grow native flowers and herbs.

Water Project Committee—partnering with local nonprofit Bluegrass Greensource and PLD Art Department to assemble and transport student-painted rain barrels for community implementation

Community Outreach Project Committee—designed & launched a 6-12th grade Climate Change Essay Contest; partner with Bluegrass Greensource to host a Composting Forum; partner with Bluegrass Greensource to restore Peace Meal Community Garden for FCPS Outdoor Classroom use

Student Sustainability Leadership Academy--  partner with LFUCG, Transylvania University, Bluegrass Greensource + more to host SSLA, a 3-day leadership development program focused on Environmental Policy, Green Business and Local Nature Appreciation.  2019 SSLA features local business leaders (chef Jeremy Ashby), policy leaders (LFUCG Councilmember Jake Gibbs), economic experts (Dr Alan Bartley), environmental attorneys (Blaine Early), local Nature Preserves (McConnell Springs), Food Chain and many more.

Food & Agriculture Project Committee—recruited students from Lexington public & private high schools to launch Lexington’s first Sustainable Ag Youth Coalition; partnered with Bluegrass Tomorrow to help facilitate Local Food Summit

Waste & Recycling Project Committee—partnered w: Bluegrass Greensource to conduct waste audits on 6 local public & private high schools and communicated results & opportunities for improvement; partnering with Sierra Club to identify and raise awareness on plastic & Styrofoam use in local restaurants; partnered with Bluegrass Greensource to identify local high schools to pilot outdoor athletic field dual-stream recycling.