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Siblings who work at restaurant provide lunch for Millcreek staff

The Madill siblings, whose parents are educators, decided to acknowledge the staff at The Academy for Leadership at Millcreek Elementary as heroes -- serving up boxed lunches with their thanks. “Teachers need to be valued, and they’re really important,” said Evelyn Madill, a senior at Campbellsville University, who has worked at Chick-fil-A for 2½ years.

The restaurant operates a corporate philanthropic program through which its employees donate food to worthwhile groups in the community. The funds accumulate quarterly based on service time, and Evelyn had never tapped into hers until now for Millcreek, where her father is assistant principal. “Chick-fil-A has ‘hero money’ to allot to employees, who they encourage to find a cause or something they believe in. It’s a good challenge,” said Keith Madill, who helped his children unload their SUV at lunchtime Thursday.

Kate, a freshman at the University of Kentucky, and Isaac, a high school junior, work at Chick-fil-A with Evelyn. They had arranged the catering order and picked up the food at the Turfland location. Younger sister Violet, an eighth-grader, came along to help deliver it. They borrowed a couple of rolling carts and ferried nearly 75 lunches into the Millcreek cafeteria, where the teachers and staff filed through for grab-and-go meals. “COVID has definitely provided a lot of different opportunities for us to serve,” said Kate, who described Millcreek as their father’s extended family.

Principal Greg Ross was impressed. “Those kids being willing to do that is such an act of kindness,” he said. “When someone gives of their time and money to do something for you, it’s really special. They made a choice to be kind and give, and it made a difference.”

“This profession matters, and our teachers are so passionate about being here,” Ross added. “Just saying ‘We appreciate you’ means so much.”

(Posted Aug. 20, 2020) 

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