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Note new placement of homepage apps

When we switched templates, we had the opportunity to revisit our design, content, and functionality.

Region A: In our new template, the smaller MultiMedia Gallery gives us more flexibility.

Region B: Announcements are now above the fold in the top right.

Region C: We suggest reserving this horizontal space for special occasions. It's OK as blank.

Region D: This is where we anchor the calendar (Upcoming Events app) in the left rail.

Region E: The center column is for your Kudos and The Buzz (shared from the district site).

Region F: School Quick Links are now in the right-hand column, and District Quick Links are optional.

Region G: This is for your mission statement.

Tip: You can add more apps to the homepage as needed, even in Region B underneath your Announcements.

Source: FCPS webmaster Tammy L. Lane

(Posted July 11, 2021)