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Note New Placement of Homepage Apps

When we switched to the Crescendo template, we again revisited our design, content, and functionality.

Please do not move things around on the homepage. We aim for a certain consistency across all school sites.

  • Region A: (leave this area blank)
  • B: multimedia gallery (full width at 1500 x 885 pixels)
  • C: Today’s date w/countdown (tab flyout display) - Note: This does not appear on the sites where the instructional calendars vary, such as the Promise Academies and Rise STEM Academy for Girls.
  • C: Mission statement (tab flyout display)
  • D: News & Highlights (accent photos 200w x 150h; smaller OK if using icons or logos)
  • E: Upcoming Events (pulling from your calendar) 
  • F: School Quick Links 
  • G or I or J: Family Favorites (shared app from district site)
  • J: District Resources (shared app from district site)

You can add more apps to the homepage as needed, but please try to keep these common elements in place.

Source: Tammy L. Lane, district webmaster

Posted May 6, 2022