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News & Highlights

Try to keep the homepage posts current and relevant for your students and families. Announce the important stuff, and promote the fun stuff! 

Make sure the time elements are clear, and avoid ambiguous words like "tonight," "Wednesday," or "this month."

  • Good example: Our science fair is Jan. 15.

We recommend you set the app to display 2, 4, or a max of 6 items. An even number is best for page balance.

Newer posts will push the older ones down off the homepage, but you can "sort" them if something needs to stay out front longer. You can also set an item's end date under "Display Duration" if you want it to expire. However, it will no longer be visible in your archives.

We recommend including a date at the bottom for clarity -- like below, flush left, set off by a horizontal rule.

Calendar / Upcoming Events

Be sure to add important school events to your calendar, which is a favorite element for some viewers. Blackboard allows you to integrate a Google Calendar if you prefer, so there's no doubling up on the work.

Posted May 6, 2022