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Please make the federal authorities happy

Here are some main points to remember:

Raw coding -- Don't leave raw coding on the page like this or this,, because it is awkward for assistive devices and screen-reading software.  

Informational flyers -- Avoid informational flyers, especially when the text is laid over a JPG image. Simply type the details as an announcement and use the accompanying photo or graphics separately. Example: info flyer 

  • Tip: Such flyers are great for sending home in backpacks or posting on bulletin boards, but not for websites.

Hyperlinks -- In hyperlinks, skip generic verbiage like "Click here." Simply embed the link in the text with words specific to the content. 

Also, hyperlinks should be unique on a particular webpage. That is, don't repeat any links unless they point to the same destination.

  • Example of bad usage: Click this Google form for information about Ms. Smith's class. To follow up with her about the field trip, click this Google form.

Alt text -- Be specific when describing a photo so you paint a visual picture.

  • Bad example: photo of puppies
  • Good visual: three dalmatian puppies sleeping in a wicker basket