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Orchestra Solo & Ensembles

Please congratulate the following students on all receiving a Distinguished Rating at the KMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival this past Saturday!

Abigail Henz and Dorothy George, Violin/Cello Distinguished Duet

Kira DeLeon, Distinguished Violin Solo

Riley Morris, Distinguished Violin Solo

Abigail Henz, Distinguished Violin Solo

Dorothy George, Distinguished Cello Solo

Blake Jones, Distinguished Violin Solo

Debbie Ishimwe and Kyli Gentry, Violin/Viola Distinguished Duet

Kylie Profit and Chase Proffit, Distinguished Viola Duet

Kylie Proffit, Distinguished Viola Solo

Elizabeth Mullins, Distinguished Viola Solo

Gracie Green, Distinguished Viola Solo

Ethan Hagan, Distinguished Violin Solo

Julianne Fisher and Olivia Johnson, Distinguished Violin Duet

Taylor Kent and Vanesa Medina, Distinguished Violin Duet

Andrew Peng, Distinguished Cello Solo

Riley Morris and Kylie Singleton, Distinguished Violin Duet

Ada Burris, Distinguished Cello Solo

Vania Garcia and Aylin Perez, Distinguished Violin Duet

Emerson Farrar and Max Majors, Distinguished Violin Duet

Oscar Mondono, Distinguished Bass Solo

Makenzie Little, Distinguished Bass Solo

Emerson Farrar, Distinguished Violin Solo