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Congratulations Honors Orchestra

Congrats to everyone who auditioned for honors orchestra! Even if you did not make it, you should still feel proud that you auditioned!! Bryan Station showed well today!!  Congratulations to Mrs. Sarah Payne for a job well done!!!  BSMS had more students accepted than any other school.  

Symphonic Orchestra

Zoe Brewer, 1st violin

Jasmine Ngo, viola

Corinne Sharrard, viola

Elizabeth Mullins, viola

Andrew Peng, cello

Brennen Taggart, bass

Philharmonic Orchestra

Julianne Fisher, 1st violin

Alexis Lewis, 1st violin

Olivia Johnson, 1st violin

Larae Jackson, 1st violin

Devin Beall, 2nd violin

Logan Smith, 2nd violin

Kiyah Jackson, 2nd violin

Kira DeLeon, 2nd violin

Anneishka Brown, 2nd violin

Joey Cusic, viola

Kylie Profitt, viola

Dorothy George, cello

Genesis Pena-Lozada, cello


Norma Euceda, cello alternate 1

Arden Ensor, cello alternate 2

Oscar Mondono, bass alternate 3