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BSMS Academic Team Rocks!!!!

Congratulations to our Academic Team

Under the guidance of Mr. Beasley, our Academic Team participated in the KAAC Academic Tournament. 
Awards from District:
Bryan Station Middle Quick Recall - 2nd place (Runner Up) Team included:  Emerson Farrar, Riley Morris, Carl Eversole, Max Majors, Elinor Soult, Wyatt Hart, Debbie Ishimwe and Bella Budd
Future Problem Solvers - 1st place Team included:  Emerson Farrar, Riley Morris, Jacob Henz and Max Majors
Written Assessment-
Elinor Soult - 3rd place (Mathematics)
Max Majors - 4th place (Mathematics)
Riley Morris - 3rd place (Language Arts)
Wyatt Hart - 3rd place (Science)
Emerson Farrar - 2nd place (Arts and Humanities)
Please wish our team luck as they compete at the Regionals on February 1st.  A special thanks to everyone who was able to help especially Mrs. Goode and Mrs. Robinson.  We really appreciate you!