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Principal Twanjua Jones releases statement on 2018 state accountability results

September 26, 2018

Dear Yates Elementary School Families:

Our entire team of teachers, school staff and leaders at Yates Elementary School is committed to helping all children succeed.  We monitor their academic progress regularly with classroom assessments, MAP tests, observations and student work so that we can support them individually in areas where they struggle and accelerate their learning in areas of strength.

Beginning at the end of third grade, elementary school students in Kentucky take state tests annually to determine if they have mastered the content they are expected to learn each year. Based on their performance on those tests, the Kentucky Department of Education rates each school.

New state and federal laws mean the entire accountability system is new this year, and that there will be changes again next year. Along with this letter, we have included a flier to explain this year’s rating system. According to the results made public today, our school earned scores of 48.6 in proficiency, 47.4 in separate academic indicator and 14.1 in growth. That places us below the cut scores set by the state in all three areas, resulting in identification for Comprehensive Support and Intervention.

I am disappointed, because I know that these results do not reflect the unlimited potential of our students, the talent of our staff, or the commitment of our entire school community to meet the needs of every child. I had the opportunity to meet with Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk yesterday and he has already taken steps to provide additional resources for our school. The details are still being worked out, and we will keep you updated on those efforts.

Under the new state law, the CSI designation will mean some significant changes for our school. First, the statutory authority previously granted to the School Based Decision Making council will shift to the superintendent. We are all grateful to the members of our SBDM council, who have worked hard and given countless hours of their time in service to students and families. The current SBDM council will now serve in an advisory capacity.

Our school will also undergo an audit by an external group sometime in the next few months to determine ways we can better serve our students. Once that report is complete, a team of experts will write a specific plan outlining how we will make changes for the 2018-19 school year to ensure that every child is on track for proficiency. Families will play a big role in this process and I encourage you to stay engaged and involved so that we can all work together for the good of our school.

We still have lots to celebrate. We reduced novice in Reading and slightly in Math. Our fifth graders are on track in the areas of Craft and Structure in On-Demand Writing and Number and Operations in Base ten in Mathematics. We have increased proficiency in Reading and Math in grades 4 and 5. Fifth grade mathematics had 43.1% proficient versus 32 % the previous year, an increase of 40%. Fourth grade decreased their novice scores in Reading by 58.6%. Additionally, we were able to decrease novice in On-Demand Writing. We had an increase of proficiency in On-Demand Writing by over 500%. On-Demand Writing went from 6.9% proficient to 41.2% proficiency.

The Kentucky Department of Education has indicated that individual student reports will be sent to schools in the next month. When they arrive, each family with a child who was tested last spring will receive a report, along with information about how to interpret the results and help your child continue to grow.

Our families are crucial partners in this work. Thank you for all that you do to support the success of your children. We will be hosting parent conferences beginning October 24th and we need you to schedule yours soon. As we continue to analyze our data, look for more information about how we will be working on addressing student growth and proficiency.



Twanjua Jones


Yates Elementary School


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