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TSA club members excel in state competition

TSA Club members earned multiple awards in the Technology Student Association’s 2021 state competition, which went virtual amid COVID-19 precautions. Congratulations to all! 

  • CAD Foundations: 1st place to Owen Cornett
  • Career Prep: 2nd to Parker Williams and 3rd to Wyatt Poynter
  • Challenging Technology Issues: 1st to Adelynn Cornett and Faith Davis; and 2nd to Elijah Eppley and Jack Stanko
  • Children’s Stories: 2nd to Zoe Eppley, Lily Fields, Brighit Riedmuller, Phoebe Risko, and Adelynn Cornett
  • Coding: 1st to Lily Fields and Phoebe Risko
  • Cybersecurity: 1st to Finley Insko and 2nd to Jack Risko
  • Digital Photography: 1st to Brighit Riedmuller and 3rd to Colleen Riedmuller
  • Dragster: 1st to Jack Risko and 2nd to Conner Insko
  • Essays on Technology: 1st to Faith Davis
  • Flight: 1st to Jonathan Coupal, 2nd to Jack Stanko, and 3rd to Jackson Hatfield
  • Forensic Technology: 2nd to Adelynn Cornett and Wyatt Poynter
  • Inventions & Innovations: 1st to Zoe Eppley, Conner Insko, and Finley Insko
  • Leadership Strategies: 1st to Faith Davis, Colleen Riedmuller, and Phoebe Risko
  • Prepared Speech: 1st to Faith Davis and 3rd to Zoe Eppley
  • Problem Solving: 3rd to Finley Insko and Jack Podsedly
  • Promotional Marketing: 1st to Jackson Hatfield and 2nd to Jonathan Coupal
  • Tech Bowl: 1st to Owen Cornett, Jonathan Coupal, and Wyatt Poynter; 2nd place to Emilee Baker, Jack Podsedly, and Parker Williams; and 3rd to Zoe Eppley, Brighit Riedmuller, and Colleen Riedmuller
  • Video Game Design: 2nd to Jackson Hatfield and Wyatt Poynter
  • Website Design: 1st to Rylan Chau, Jonathan Coupal, and Jack Risko; and 3rd place to Adelynn Cornett, Owen Cornett, and Parker Williams 

TSA fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in innovation and design. Club members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events, and related programs.  To learn more, contact TSA adviser Staci Davis or visit the Kentucky Technology Student Association website.

(Posted May 11, 2021)