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Current Student of BSHS? We Want YOU!

Applications are due by Dec. 1st

 StationArts Application

Any current freshmen, sophomore, or junior of Bryan Station High School can still sign up for StationArts for the 2018-2019 school year.   There are two tracks that students can take within StationArts:

1) Pure StationArts

     *These students will Major and Minor in areas within StationArts. 

     *Spanish Immersion Students are still able to complete their requirements and the requirements for Pure StationArts

     *Flex is with your Major Area and students do receive elective credit for the class.  In Flex you will:

             *learn terminology,

             *hear from people working in arts careers,

             *present and perform for your peers and receive feedback to their responses,

             *complete your ILP, and

             *complete a Capstone Portfolio that you can send to programs such as GSA and/or colleges for scholarships.

2) Academy + StationArts

      *Students who choose this path will participate in their chosen Academy's Flex class.

      *Students will choose a Major within StationArts and complete 5 classes in that major.

      *Students will participate in field trips, performances, exhibitions, etc. with other StationArts students

To apply see one of the StationArts Teachers:

      Mrs. Mayes and Mrs. Price, room 309,

      Mr. Owens and Dr. Baker, room 306

      Dr. Lyon, room 284

      Mr. Hicks, room 309

      Mrs. Chaffin, room 104

      Mrs. Brice, room 302A

      Mrs. Davis, room 302B

      Ms. McGill, room 303

      Ms. Schentrup, room 131