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SCAPA wins 2021’s Bluegrass Regional speech tournament

KHSSL logo SCAPA at Bluegrass collected another junior division championship in the Kentucky High School Speech League’s 2021 Bluegrass Regional Tournament. This year’s COVID-19 virtual format required students to submit recordings of their presentations and performances at the beginning of tournament week for judging. Teams later shared a Zoom link for students to watch the recorded awards program together. “All virtual, but the students still learn about speaking in front of others, the best ways to put together their performances, and a bonus, they’ve learned some recording techniques that help highlight their presentations,” said SCAPA Principal Beth Randolph.

FCPS regional results / junior division*

  • Radio Broadcasting: champion, Bei Bei Sheng
  • Declamation: champion, Sophie Watson; runner-up, Noah Jackson
  • Dramatic Interpretation: champion, Eloise Logsdon; runner-up, Ellie Naish
  • Duo Acting: champion, Maya Conner & Sofia Sweazy; runner-up, Annelise Brown & Eloise Logsdon
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: champion, Ellie Naish; runner-up, Luka Mijatovic
  • Humorous Interpretation: champion, Katherine Worrell; runner-up, Haasini Beeram
  • Impromptu Speaking: champion, Sophie Watson
  • Improvisational Duo: runner-up, Bei Bei Sheng & Nina Tay
  • Original Oratory: champion, Luka Mijatovic; runner-up, Faith Walls
  • Poetry: runner-up, Haasini Beeram
  • Prose: champion, Sophie Watson; runner-up, Hannah McGregor
  • Storytelling: champion, Bei Bei Sheng

* All from SCAPA at Bluegrass 

“Although most students and coaches would say they much prefer competing in-person, there have been some nice benefits to this year of virtual competitions,” Randolph said. “First, at both the junior and senior levels, the students have gotten to compete against students from across the nation, as any team can upload recordings and compete across state lines. A second benefit: Students, coaches, and parents have gotten to sleep in on Saturday mornings, judge or compete in pajamas, and spend Saturdays throughout the winter in incredibly relaxed atmospheres. Speech competitions for the 2020-21 school year will forever be remembered for the unique challenges and opportunities.”

(Posted Feb. 16, 2021)