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PTA Reflections Contest

pta reflections


Hello, my name is Smitha Nair and I am serving as the PTA chair for Reflections this year along with my co-chair, Seema Shah. We are very excited to be part of this wonderful program that promotes art education and encourages your children to explore their unique set of skills.

In order to make this program successful we need your help by encouraging your children to enter, so we may unleash their potential and celebrate their talents.

This year’s theme is ‘I Will Change the World By…’

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Contest Rules


Please let your kids know about this great opportunity and encourage them to submit a work that reflects the theme in any of these six categories as listed below:

- Film

- Dance choreography

- Photography

- Music Composition

- Literature

- Visual Arts

Rosa Parks Elementary is bursting with talent and this contest will allow them to showcase their creativity! The winners may be eligible for judging at the district and state level as well. Upon winning at the state level, students would then have an opportunity to be recognized nationally. The deadline date for entries is Monday, September 27th.

I look forward to seeing the amazing talents your children have and sharing them with our community. If you have any questions please contact one of us by email and we will also be able to provide the entry forms/rules for each category. Thank you so much for your participation!


Smitha Nair

Seema Shah