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2023 Central KY Regional Science and Engineering Fair Results

The Central KY Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held on Saturday, March 11 and PLD/MSTC students did an outstanding job.  Please be sure to congratulate our winners, all who move on to the State Fair on March 25.  The 3 Best of Fair winners will also represent the State of KY in May at the International Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Dallas, TX.


Best of Fair (pictured)

  • 1st place  Emily Hu
  • 2nd place Joseph Vulakh
  • 3rd place Ana Despa

Animal Science - 1st place Bailey Zhu

Behavioral and Social Sciences - 1st place Halie Boyer, 2nd place Olivia Maney, 3rd place Sara Falluji

Biochemistry - 1st place Ana Despa

Biomedical and Health Sciences - 1st place Faisal Syed, 2nd place Sireesha Gutti, 3rd place Jodie Yang

Biomedical Engineering - 1st place Laua Tong, 2nd place Karthika Hariprasad

Cellular and Molecular Biology - 1st place Kate Messerli, 2nd place Andrew Blair, 3rd place Mohit Patel

Chemistry - 1st place Christina Lin and Miranda Ma, 2nd place Alexander Stumbur, 3rd place Phoenix DuBravac

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - 1st place Tony Xu, 2nd place Daniel Strode, 3rd place Nathan Zhu

Earth and Environmental Systems - 1st place Jonah Hubert

Embedded Systems - 1st place Derek Hollifield

Energy:  Sustainable Materials and Design - 1st place Ralph Bright

Engineering Technology: Statics and Dynamics - 1st place Justin Wong, Andrew Joyner, and Yasin Khan, 2nd place Sepehr Dindoust

Materials Science - 1st place Jason Chen

Mathematics - 1st place Joseph Vulakh, 2nd place Kaden Mahoney

Microbiology - 1st place Om Shah

Physics and Astronomy - 1st place Nedjma Kalliney, 2nd place Yusuf Kahloon and Vijay Karthikeyan, 3rd place Blake Cooper

Plant Sciences - 1st place Kara Bracken

Robotics and Intelligent Machines - 1st place Varun Hariprasad, 2nd place Krishna Bhatraju, 3rd place Mikhail Kovalev

Systems Software - 1st place Ellen Fei, 2nd place Connor Zhang, 3rd place - Mwajuma Alexandre

Translational Medical Science - 1st place Emily Hu, 2nd place Agil Maharramov, 3rd place Shreya Chandrashekar


Special Awards:

  • Air Force Research Laboratory - Ellen Fei, Varun Hariprasad, Connor Zhang, Nedjma Kalliney
  • American Psychological Association - Hallie Boyer
  • NASA Earth Systems Science Project - Jonah Hubert
  • National Geographic Society "That's Geography! - Cultivating Empathy for the Earth" - Aimee Stamm
  • NOAA "Taking the Pulse of the Planet" - Jonah Hubert
  • Office of Naval Research - Mwajuma Alexandre, Jason Chen, Derek Hollifield
  • Regeneron Biomedical Science Award - Emily Hu
  • Ricoh Sustainable Development Award - Ralph Bright

Yale Science and Engineering Award - Laura Tong