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Congratulate State Winners Educators Rising

Please Congratulate the following students. Educators Rising went to the State Competition yesterday and had a great day competing. I am so proud of all of the kids. They worked hard on their competitions. Top 10 move on to Nationals and we haven't gotten that information yet, but we do have some that we know will be going to Nationals because they placed in the top 3. 

Leoaxy Valerio  Placed  3rd in Childrens Literature Spanish with the book she wrote and illustrated


Emma White placed 2nd  in STEM Lesson planning in which she had to create a lesson plan, and do the lesson with a group of students and present the lesson through video.



Leo Pinson and Madelyn Justice placed 1st in the category Researching Learning Challenges Team event. In this they had to research a learning challenge, write a paper based on the research and make suggestions for teachers. They then presented their work to the Judges.  I am attaching their paper for anyone who would like to read it. 


I am also so proud of the team as a whole all of them worked incredibly hard on their projects. We will find out soon if they will move on to Nationals as well. 


Raelawn Lewis    Interactive Bulletin Board


Hannah Davies     Lesson Planning Humanities 


Ana Garibay

Angie Saquicela     Childrens Literature Spanish 


Ellie Richardson

Allison Cassell

Jordan Ingram         Inside Our Schools


Also, our incredibly weird and fun experience riding there in a "Van" yes, I ordered a van I promise.