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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Champions

Emily has done many things at Dunbar to help include Spanish-speaking students. She sent a heartfelt email to the equity committee requesting that Spanish-speaking families be included in graduation by providing translations and for the ceremony to be more inclusive. Because of her advocacy, the equity committee has been having solution-minded discussions concerning PLD's graduation. Emily is also a founding member of WPLD en Espanol.

Ms. Bates works very hard to ensure that all students have every opportunity to succeed by helping them go on field trips, completing their FAFSA, inviting guest speakers, and meeting one on one to plan their future. She is continually looking for new ways to reach all of the students she can.

Anna is an outspoken advocate for Latin-X, LGTBQ+ and all students at PLD. a native-born Mexican Anna brings her intellect to bare for her fellow students. She is a part of multiple student organizations that advocate for student equity including the Student Equity Council. Anna is not afraid to push outside her comfort zone to speak up for her fellow students and her community. Her focus on an equitable world extends well beyond the walls of PLD. Anna is currently working on a project to create a "resource pop-up" for the unhoused community in Lexington, aimed at making resources available in a dignified manner. Her ultimate goal of creating a conversation around housing as a human right. In her words "housing is fundamental to opportunity in our community"

Daryen deserves this award because he shows true caring for everyone. He goes out of his way to help underprivileged Latino students and is involved in organizations that promote DEIB. He talks to me about what he is doing all the time and I know he is genuine about wanting to help people. He realizes there is a need and he is taking action through the LOL organization and was even talking about starting his own and wanting to get Dunbar high school excited about what he is passionate about. I have known Daryen for 4 years now and he's the real deal about caring for others and serving and putting others before himself at the same time.

Ace is kind, thoughtful, and incredibly mature for her age. They carry themselves with confidence and grace, and their ability to do so is inspiring to their peers.

Sharessa is a DEIB champion because she is a MOTHER to all of her students! She cares for each and every student as she does her own kids. When there was some turnover in the social studies department, Sharessa took in four students who were ELL and SPED to be in our co-taught advanced government class to have extra support. Thank you Mrs. Crovo for putting our students first!

Dontryse Greer promotes and implements mental health and wellness to all staff and students.  She sends staff weekly mental health checkups and provides and safe space for others. She also provided a space for a teacher to have a mental health break.  She starts a lot of programs that promote all wellness and is a great asset to Dunbar.