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College Signing Day for Student Athletes

Congratulations to the student athletes who signed with their respective colleges and universities, their families and coaches, and teammates.  Thanks to Coach Morgan and her team of coaches and custodial staff for setting this up.  

The list of students who signed is listed below.

  • Ava Jackson - Volleyball for Stoney Book
  • Nyla Gaines - Volleyball for Midway University
  • Nicholas Deskins - Lacrosse for Transylvania
  • Jude Koura - Lacrosse for Transylvania
  • Jared Eisiminger - Baseball for Wabash Valley College
  • Scott Kendrick - Baseball for Midway University
  • Alex Ochsenbein - Swimming for University of Missouri
  • Nathan Zhu - Swimming for MIT
  • Katie Bridwell - Swimming for Centre College
  • Anna Gedritis - Cross Country & Track for Xavier University