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Dunbar Orchestra

The following students participated in Solo and Ensemble assessment this weekend at Bryan Station High School and were judged Distinguished.  This super stressful event is not mandatory and these  students put in the extra work and put themselves in front of a judge.  If you see them, please congratulate them!

Ada Belber, Adeoluwa Adedokun, Alexander Johnson, Amelia Polashek, Anika Diggikar, Avneesh Kudrimoti, Bailey Zhu, Claire Ackerman, Daniel Goff, Eli Park, Emma Conley, Emma Natof, Lauren Crockett, Ethan Tai, Evey Wright, Grace Sun, Hannah Kang, Justin Wong, Katerin Mejia, Maggie Qiu, Maya Davis, Nina Tay, Nora Reichart, Nora VanHeemst, Sophia Chen, Sophia Staples, Vianna Soto-Martinez, Victor Santiago-Salas, and Yasin Khan