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Congratulations to our State Science Fair Winners

On the first Saturday of Spring Break we had several juniors and seniors compete in this year’s Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (the state science fair).  In addition to having the largest number of PLD students ever selected to represent the State of KY at the International Science and Engineering Fair from May 8-13, we had many students recognized in their individual categories.  Please be sure to congratulate the following students when you see them!


Selected for the International Science and Engineering Fair:  McKenna Sun, Emily Hu, Varun Hariprasad, Sireesha Gutti, Saadhavi Maskey, Irving Morris

Animal Sciences:  McKenna Sun (1st in category, Air Force Award, 1st overall in Life Sciences), Irving Morris (2nd in category)

Biochemistry:  Saadhavi Maskey (1st in category)

Behavioral and Social Sciences:  Caitlyn Smith (2nd in category)

Biomedical and Health Sciences:  Ibrahim Amjad (2nd in category), Sophie Hildebrandt (3rd in category)

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics:  Lynn Ye (2nd in category)

Cellular and Molecular Biology:  Sireesha Gutti (2nd in category)

Chemistry: Elizabeth Elliott (3rd in category)

Earth and Environmental Science: Edward Donson (American Institute of Geologists award)

Biomedical Engineering:  Katherine Hazelwood (3rd in category)

Environmental Engineering:  Eric Chen (1st in category)

Engineering Technology – Statics and Dynamics: Emily Hu (1st in category, 1st overall in Physical Sciences)

Mathematics: Ayush Tibrewal (2nd in category)

Materials Science:  Alexandra Seesee (2nd in category)

Cellular and Molecular Biology: Caroline Devine (2nd in category)

Robotics and Intelligent Machines: Varun Hariprasad (1st in category, National Geographic Award, Stockholm Jr. Water Award nominee, 3rd overall in Physical Sciences)

Systems Software:  Samuel Joyner and Pavan Rauch (1st in category)

Energy- Sustainable Materials and Design:  Halie Boyer (3rd in category, NOAA Award, Stockholm J. Water Award nominee)