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American Math Competition 2022 Results

After participating in the AMC 10 and 12, PLD has 11 qualifiers for the prestigious American Invitational Math Exam.  

These students were Joseph Vulakh (School Winner on the AMC10), Jonah Hubert, Lynn Ye (School Winner on the AMC12), Connor Zhang (School Winner on the AMC12), Ayush Tibrewal, Teerth Patel, Angela Zhang, Krishna Bhatraju, Tony Xu, Jason Zhang and Laura Tong.  

Among these students, Lynn Ye and Connor Zhang were named to the Honor Roll of Distinction, scoring among the top 1% of all national test takers.

Following the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME), Joseph Vulakh qualified for the United States of America Junior Math Olympiad!  By combining scores from the AMC and AIME, only 250 students from grades ten and below in the nation are selected to take this exam.  This is the second year in a row Joseph has qualified for this math honor!

Congratulations to these outstanding mathletes!