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PLD FCCLA National Leadership Conference Accomplishments

PLD was honored to be represented by two amazing leaders at this year's FCCLA National Hybrid Leadership Conference (NHLC) in Nashville, TN.


Logan JusticeLogan Justice, 2020-2021 FCCLA National Vice President of Membership

  • During his year of leadership within our national organization his leadership team served with a vision to promote divers, inclusive and engaging experiences for all FCCLA members.  To accomplish their goals in such a difficult year it took a lot of hard work and dedication.  Logan participated in the following activities over the year and so much more:
    • Completed community service activities on behalf of the national organization.
    • Attended meetings on the local, region, district, state, and national levels.
      • Including weekly national executive council Zoom meetings, weekly national committee Zoom meetings, and monthly state officer zoom meetings.
    • Helped to promote and organize the national organizations new giving campaign "The Ultimate Leadership Fund", designed to help chapters around the country who are struggling financially.
    • Help to promote national programs by creating posts and videos for the various national social media platforms.
    • Help to create material for and plan the first ever FCCLA National Virtual Leadership Experience.
    • Emailed unaffiliated chapters to offer support and guidance.
    • Interviewed current and potential FCCLA partners.
    • Participated in a call-a-thon to help raise funds for the Ultimate Leadership Fund.
    • Participated in creating material for, presenting and operations of the first ever FCCLA National Hybrid Leadership Conference.
  • Listed is just a snapshot of all the hard work and wonderful leadership skills Logan has put into his time as the National Vice President of Membership, I am sure I have left out so much more he was able to accomplish.

Madelyn JusticeMadelyn Justice, 2021-2022 Kentucky FCCLA State Vice President of Membership

  • While at NHLC Madelyn served her role as the Kentucky Vice President of Membership by:
    • Aiding in the leadership of the state meeting held at NHLC
    • Encouraging and supporting members as they attended sessions and were recognized for their accomplishments within FCCLA
    • Attended State Officer Leadership Trainings
    • Accepted the Membership Award on behalf of the State Organization
    • Attended General Sessions, including Keynote Speaker, Sabrina Thompson Mitchell, a Discussion Panel on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access, and Business Sessions.
    • Participated in the We Help Two Community Service Project
    • Visited the National Museum of African American Music, as FCCLA NHLC was the first large group to visit since its opening on June 19th. 
  • I cannot wait to see what Madelyn and the Kentucky FCCLA Executive Council are able to accomplish this year.