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November 2017 Teacher Hero



Three students have nominated Mrs. Felicia Bright, fourth grade teacher, for Teacher Hero for the month of November!


These students say that Mrs. Bright helped them understand math, she cares about them, she is inspiring, and she is always a helpful teacher. Words they used to describe Mrs. Bright were optimistic, encouraging, sweet, smart, helpful, funny, nice, and understanding. Her students will remember everything about Mrs. Bright, but especially how much she cares about her students and her nicely decorated classroom.


She became a teacher because she was inspired by one of her middle school teachers to become a teacher. She says, "It was an easy decision to become a teacher because of my love for learning and working with children." Mrs. Bright says her favorite part about being a teacher is the idea that she is inspiring or changing lives for the better.


Congratulations Mrs. Bright! Thank you for making a difference!