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October 2017 Teacher Hero

Ms. Nevill

Four fifth grade students and two fourth grade students have nominated fourth grade teacher, Ms. Kaitlyn Nevill, as our first Meadowthorpe Teacher Hero for the month of October.


Mrs. Nevill was nominated for helping students with their work, being funny, kind, positive, motivating, loving, and awesome! These students say that she plays really fun games in class, make everything interesting, and they love her so much. One student said, "She makes me feel happy and she always has a positive attitude. The most important thing is she is very helpful when you don't understand." Another student mentioned, "Ms. Nevill has really funny jokes and makes everyone laugh."


Ms. Nevill became a teacher so she could impact young lives. She loves being around kids! Her favorite part about being a teacher is seeing students make progress! She says, “There is nothing better than watching a kid try hard at something and finally reach their goals!”  


Congratulations Ms. Nevill! Meadowthorpe is lucky to have you!