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Salary increases aim to help attract job applicants

In an effort to fill vacancies in FCPS, the Fayette County Board of Education has approved significant salary increases for substitutes, Child Nutrition staff, and Transportation employees. The district is also hiring a consultant to help with short-term and long-term solutions, which could include pre-scheduled bus cancellations or delays that would enable families to make advance arrangements and ensure that the same families are not affected repeatedly. Transportation staff has identified routes that can be outsourced and is working on a possible fourth tier of start times and long-term sustainability. Meanwhile, FCPS staff has met with leaders from local churches, faith groups, and the 16th District PTA to ask their help in filling substitute and cafeteria vacancies.  

Source: Superintendent Liggins’ weekly COVID-19 updates 

Video by Creative Media Productions

(Posted Sept. 8, 2021)