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Liggins to wrap up in Texas before his move to Lexington

The five-month, nationwide search for a new superintendent reached a pivotal milestone when the Fayette County Board of Education unanimously moved to appoint Demetrus Liggins to be the next superintendent of Fayette County Public Schools, subject to board approval of a contract.

Chair Tyler Murphy has begun contract negotiations on behalf of the board, along with important conversations to support Liggins’ transition. Meanwhile, Liggins will continue to serve his community in Greenville, Texas, and support them during their transition period. “I’ve assured him that we recognize the need for him to focus on and complete his important work in Greenville over the next month. We anticipate he will start calling Fayette County home sometime in July, and we will share more details about the key dates related to his transition as they are available,” Murphy said in a June 9 message to the Lexington community.

“We are grateful to the community for supporting this important process,” Murphy added. “Success doesn’t end with the hiring of a superintendent, and we’ll need everyone to unite in supporting Dr. Liggins and the shared work ahead of us.”

The community will have many opportunities to meet, get to know, and engage with Liggins once he has moved to Kentucky. Watch for details in the coming weeks.

(Posted June 10, 2021)