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Next Pandemic-EBT funds due on eligible cards in August

July 23 update:

Pandemic EBT benefits help eligible student households buy groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest round will be a one-time $375 deposit in August on existing cards of eligible students. All students who closed the 2020-21 school year as qualified for P-EBT are still eligible regardless of whether they finished in remote learning or in-person classes. Note that students who newly enroll in Fayette County Public Schools this summer are not eligible for P-EBT. See below for the original post with more details about this program.

June 9 update:

If a household was recently approved for free/reduced school meals between April 25 and May 20, the Kentucky Department of Education pulled this data from Infinite Campus at the end of May, and they expect funds for these updated students will be distributed by June 25. The same will occur in July for any newly approved eligibilities that applied between May 21 and June 25, with an expected benefit date of July 25.

Distribution of the third round of P-EBT benefits, which help eligible student households buy groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic, began the week of March 15. The first issuance covers the payment for October 2020, and the second issuance will come the week of March 22 to cover November 2020. Please continue to reference the information below and the P-EBT FAQs with the full schedule. 

P-EBT flyer | P-EBT flyer in Spanish


Federal approval means Kentucky can provide the funds to cover from October 2020 through May 2021. During that span, eligible students (who were/are in remote learning) must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Students who are current SNAP recipients;
  • Students who attend a Community Eligibility Program (CEP) school; or
  • Students who were approved for free and reduced meals at school. 


Each school district will determine the main learning model for each month based on the majority of students in the district.

  • For each month in fully remote learning, the P-EBT benefit amount will be $136.40 per student.
  • For each mixed month (remote and in-person classes), the amount will be $81.84 per student.
  • For each month in fully in-person instruction, there will be no P-EBT because the student can receive meals at school.

After in-person instruction resumed, officials received a list of P-EBT qualified students who remain in remote learning to ensure they are considered for the March-May benefits. If a child's learning model changed after April 5, families can submit a claim for reconsideration to the Department of Community-Based Services by calling (855) 306-8959. FCPS will then confirm the enrollment information for each family. 


Current SNAP recipients will have their benefits loaded directly on their SNAP card on the designated P-EBT day each month. Other students will get their benefits on the P-EBT card used in the previous round. Families who lost or damaged their P-EBT card can request a new one by calling (888) 979-9949, and the card will be mailed within two weeks. Newly enrolled students who did not receive the August and September benefit cards will automatically be mailed a new card. If a student’s address has changed and the family needs a new P-EBT card, please call (855) 306-8959 to update the address and have a new card mailed. 


Benefits for October 2020 are beginning to be issued on SNAP and P-EBT cards. Then benefits for November 2020 through February 2021 will be spread out and loaded on cards every two weeks following. Finally, the March through May 2021 benefits will be issued on the 25th of the following month, concluding this round on June 25. (Note: P-EBT benefits will be credited to SNAP recipients on the 25th and may not be issued on the same day as traditional SNAP benefits.)

P-EBT FAQ | FAQ in Spanish

Other questions? 

Anyone who has P-EBT questions should call (855) 306-8959 or visit the state’s Department for Community Based Services webpage for updates. Please do not contact Fayette County Public Schools, as the district has no further information about the P-EBT program.

(Updated July 23; updated June 9; revised April 7; first posted March 1, 2021)