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District Safety Advisory Council challenges community to step up

Superintendent Manny Caulk has issued a call to action from the District Safety Advisory Council that highlights areas crucial to ensuring safety across Fayette County Public Schools.

“The issues that put our children at risk are complex and require broad-based solutions that bridge homes and schools. Council members identified critical next steps for lawmakers, schools and districts, students, families, and our community. Now it’s up to us to act on those recommendations,” he wrote in the white paper’s opening letter. Caulk challenged the community to take action for needed change, saying, “Today in Fayette County there are children living with violence and fear. Are we ready to make tomorrow different? Do we have the collective will to be champions for children?”

FCPS released the council’s recommendations during a May 14, 2018 news conference at the district’s main offices. Caulk had convened the group in late February to examine best practices in school safety and develop specific recommendations after the deaths of students and staff in Marshall County, Kentucky, and Parkland, Florida. The council included some two dozen students, parents, school and district employees, law enforcement representatives, city officials, and community members. Lexington residents also contributed, along with experts in juvenile justice and crime, mental health, social media, and emergency management.

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