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26 & Counting: Another State Speech Championship for SCAPA

For the 26th consecutive year, SCAPA at Bluegrass secured first-place honors in the Kentucky High School Speech League’s junior division state tournament. The Feb. 24-25 competition, hosted by the University of Kentucky, also included a team from Edythe J. Hayes Middle School in the field of 14.

Congratulations to these outstanding SCAPA students, coaches Macy Reed and Katie Donohue, and Principal Beth Randolph!

Broadcast Announcing: 1. Grace Hellard; 2. Niva Patel; 4. Simeon Beeken

Declamation: 1. Melody El-Amin Stewart; 2. Amay Xu; 3. Ava Becker

Dramatic Interpretation: 1. Grace Hellard; 2. Lydia Dever; 3. Maya Duggal

Duo Acting: 1. Lydia Dever & Melody El-Amin Stewart; 2. Hudson Brown & Gus Moore; 4. Maya Duggal & Jessica Lin

Extemporaneous Speaking: 1. Haasini Beeram; 3. Avi Koul; 4. Kyle Yang

Humorous Interpretation: 1. Esme Morris; 2. Haasini Beeram; 6. Clara Raybould

Impromptu: 1. Anne Beck; 2. Amay Xu; semifinalist, Avi Koul

Improvisational Duo: 1. Lydia Dever & Melody El-Amin Stewart; 2. Ava Becker & Esme Morris

Original Oratory: 1. Caitlyn Douglas; 2. Neya Sathya; 3. Jessica Lin

Poetry: 2. Haasini Beeram; 3. Eden Potterton; semifinalist, Nathan Campbell

Prose: 1. Niva Patel; 3. Sabrina Murphy; 4. Avi Koul

Storytelling: 2. Cat Bravo; 3. Grace Hellard; 4. Esme Morris

SCAPA’s team also included Alex Regalado and Lily Tay.

Hayes had several students reach the semifinals, including:

  • Delaney Cruz in Dramatic Interpretation and in Original Oratory;
  • Ibrahim Okasha in Humorous Interpretation; and
  • Zoe Cleveland & Delaney Cruz in Improvisational Duo.

The Kentucky High School Speech League offers membership to schools serving students in grades 4-12. Speech trains students how to conduct themselves in public settings, how to communicate ideas, how to empathize with others via character analysis, how to read critically, and how to research properly.

Resources: Kentucky High School Speech League

Posted March 1, 2023