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Dunbar Rules Region 11 in 2023 Governor’s Cup Series

As Kentucky’s premier academic competition, Governor’s Cup encourages depth and breadth of knowledge, cultural literacy, teamwork, leadership, creativity, risk assessment, and critical thinking. The team from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School outdistanced the Region 11 field in contests that concluded on Feb. 18. Dunbar topped the quick recall and future problem-solving portions, and produced three individual winners: Social Studies -- Chakrapani Gudlavalleti; Language Arts -- Alex Stumbur; and Composition -- Nina Tay.

Region 11 Standings: 1. Dunbar; 4. Henry Clay; tied at 6. Lafayette and Bryan Station

The middle grades and high school divisions of Governor’s Cup include district, regional, and state competition. Elementary students participate only in district and regional contests. This year’s state finals are March 17-20 in Louisville.

Source: Kentucky Association for Academic Competition

Posted Feb. 21, 2023