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Meadowthorpe, Ashland, & Garrett Morgan Out Front in Governor’s Cup Series

In the 2023 Governor’s Cup, academic teams from Meadowthorpe, Ashland, and Garrett Morgan elementaries topped their respective fields in the district-level contests, which concluded Feb. 11. Congratulations to all the competitors from Fayette County Public Schools!

District 77 Team Standings: 1. Meadowthorpe; 3. Tates Creek; 4. Wellington

Individual Winners:

  • Math -- Satvik Garg of Meadowthorpe
  • Science – Pinkie Lin of Meadowthorpe
  • Social Studies – Ephraim Guzman-Garlin of Tates Creek
  • Language Arts – Hemadharshini Muthu Kumaran of Meadowthorpe
  • Arts & Humanities -- Ephraim Guzman-Garlin of Tates Creek
  • Composition – Emma Xiao of Meadowthorpe

All of District 77

District 78 Team Standings: 1. Ashland; 2. Maxwell; 3. Cassidy

Individual Winners:

  • Math – Isaac Qualls of Ashland
  • Science – Ayla Hankins of Ashland
  • Language Arts – Anand High of Maxwell
  • Arts & Humanities – Levi Salmon of Maxwell
  • Composition – Isaac Qualls of Ashland

All of District 78

District 79 Team Standings: 1. Garrett Morgan; 2. Athens-Chilesburg

Individual Winners:

  • Math – Aaditya Chatterjee of Athens-Chilesburg
  • Science – Dalton Canizal of Garrett Morgan
  • Language Arts – Brynlee Myers of Garrett Morgan
  • Arts & Humanities – Evy Maggard of Athens-Chilesburg
  • Composition – Brynlee Myers of Garrett Morgan

All of District 79

As Kentucky’s premier academic competition, Governor’s Cup encourages depth and breadth of knowledge, cultural literacy, teamwork, leadership, creativity, risk assessment, and critical thinking. The middle grades and high school divisions feature district, regional, and state competition. Elementary students participate only in district and regional contests, so the youngest competitors will wrap up this season on March 4.

Source: Kentucky Association for Academic Competition

Posted Feb. 13, 2023