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Dunbar Swim Teams Sweep Region 8 Titles Yet Again

Paul Laurence Dunbar High School has topped the boys’ and girls’ Region 8 swimming and diving championships team standings for a fourth straight year. Coach Cole Pleasants leads the Bulldogs. The 2022-23 swimming competition was Feb. 3-4 at Stivers Aquatic Center in Barbourville, while the diving was earlier last week at the University of Louisville. Following are top results from Fayette County Public Schools.


Team Standings: 1. Dunbar

200-yard Medley Relay: 2. Lafayette (Riley Shaw, Lou Elayi, Megan Wedeking, Myla Phelps), 1:51.14

200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Amelia Jones, Dunbar, 1:53.99; 2. Lou Elayi, Lafayette, 1:55.97

200-Yard IM: 2. Tierney Maynard, Tates Creek, 2:12.93

1-meter Diving: 1. Claire Nicholas, Henry Clay, 362.25

100-Yard Butterfly: 2. Megan Wedeking, Lafayette, 57.86

100-Yard Freestyle: 2. Katie Bridwell, Dunbar, 53.48

500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Amelia Jones, Dunbar, 5:04.25

200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 2. Dunbar (Amelia Jones, Macie McCubbin, Sophie Hildebrandt, Clare Ackerman), 1:40.21

100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Megan Wedeking, Lafayette, 57.59

400-Yard Freestyle Relay: 2. Dunbar (Amelia Jones, Sophie Hildebrandt, Macie McCubbin, Katie Bridwell), 3:37.21


Team Standings: 1. Dunbar; 2. Henry Clay

200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Dunbar (Mark Dattilio, Alex Ochsenbein, Nathan Zhu, Seneca Oddo), 1:34.09; 2. Henry Clay (Nick Johnson, Eli Greinke, Jack Liau, Cole Bray), 1:47.91

200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Blake Sammons, Dunbar, 1:46.71; 2. Jimmy Rogers, Lafayette, 1:47.40

200-Yard IM: 1. Alex Ochsenbein, Dunbar, 1:50.79

50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Seneca Oddo, Dunbar 20.72*

1-meter Diving: 2. Tyler Bobadilla, Bryan Station, 408.55

100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Nathan Zhu, Dunbar, 50.16; 2. Blake Sammons, Dunbar, 52.94

100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Seneca Oddo, Dunbar, 45.48

500-Yard Freestyle: 2. Sammy Nunez, Dunbar, 4:51.23

200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Henry Clay (Eli Greinke, Nick Johnson, Jack Liau, Cole Bray), 1:28.46; 2. Dunbar (Blake Sammons, Sammy Nunez, Will Hinz, Brock Kaczmarek), 1:30.14

100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Nick Johnson, Henry Clay, 52.85; 2. Mark Dattilio, Dunbar, 54.20

100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Alex Ochsenbein, Dunbar, 55.46*; 2. Eli Greinke, Henry Clay, 57.91

400-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Dunbar (Nathan Zhu, Mark Dattilio, Alex Ochsenbein, Seneca Oddo), 3:07.11*

* Region meet record

Region 8 Complete Results

Individual and team first- and second-place finishers at the region meet automatically qualify for the KHSAA Swimming and Diving Championships set for Feb 16-18 at the University of Kentucky’s Lancaster Aquatic Center. Others also qualify based on times as compared to other regions.

Sources: Herald-Leader and Kentucky High School Athletic Association

Posted Feb. 6, 2023