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KMEA’s District 7 Jazz, Concert, & Symphonic Bands to Perform

The Kentucky Music Educators Association has selected District 7 high school honor ensembles for 2023. The two jazz bands will perform the weekend of Jan. 28 at host Great Crossing High School in Georgetown, and the concert and symphonic bands will perform there on Feb. 4.

District 7 encompasses several counties in Central Kentucky. Congratulations to these selected participants from Fayette County Public Schools!

Jazz 1

  • Alto: Diego Farfan, Bryan Station; and Leo Duncan, Lafayette
  • Tenor: Alan Sharp and Kargan Caswell, both of Lafayette
  • Baritone: Isaac Weaver, Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Trumpet: Zach Oliver, Bryan Station; Ariel Brozik, Henry Clay; Adrianna Dick, Bryan Station; and Liam Sharp, Lafayette
  • Trombone: Ashton Hogue, Lafayette; Jeremiah Matocha, Lafayette; Josiah Ramage, Bryan Station; Tamara Gipson, Henry Clay; and John Koenig, Lafayette
  • Piano: Cyrus Faulkner, Lafayette
  • Drums: Adam Inouye and Charles Vandemark, both of Lafayette

Jazz 2

  • Tenor: Ian Johnson, Henry Clay
  • Trumpet: Connor Carpenter and Justin Munoz Hernandez, both of Henry Clay
  • Trombone: Foster Thompson, Henry Clay; Ian Ransom, Lafayette; Jackie Robinson, Bryan Station; and Andrew Morton, Lafayette
  • Piano: Ethan Thomas, Henry Clay
  • Bass: Jonah Boggs, Henry Clay
  • Drums: Ben Schade, Lafayette; and Jett Norton, Bryan Station

Concert Band

Flute: Lexi Borck, Lafayette; Emma Gilliam, Lafayette; Laura McAlpine, Lafayette; Sky Elser, Dunbar; and Haruka Kaiden, Lafayette

Oboe: Abigail Hiens, Lafayette; and Nikan Rosenau, Dunbar

Bassoon: Lauren Tillett, Lafayette

Clarinet: Rachel Jicha, Henry Clay; Finley Smith, Lafayette; Josh Braun, Henry Clay; Andrew Sun, Dunbar; Ellery Brown, Lafayette; Sophie Gwag, Lafayette; Ava Stamper, Lafayette; Miranda Ma, Dunbar; and Siddhi Viswanath, Dunbar

Bass Clarinet: Max Hargis and Parker Strifling, both of Henry Clay

Alto Sax: Sarah Ferguson, Lafayette; Sam Stephenson, Lafayette; and Sophie Spielmann, Henry Clay

Trumpet: Kennedy Cohenour, Lafayette; Liam Sharp, Lafayette; Miranda Wagner, Henry Clay; Catherine Fister, Henry Clay; and Wyatt Parkhill, Lafayette

Horn: Cyrus Faulkner Lafayette; Nicholas Nance, Dunbar; Will Kite, Henry Clay; and Melany Aguilar Mejia, Dunbar

Trombone: Tamara Gipson, Henry Clay; and Bennett Losch, Ashton Hogue, and Lucas White, all of Lafayette

Bass Trombone: Amauri Livingston, Lafayette

Euphonium: Cedric Barnette, Lafayette; Dedric Barnette, Lafayette; and Jacob Rudzik, Henry Clay

Tuba: Charlie Koenig, Lafayette; Kaden Mahoney, Dunbar; Josiah Ramage, Bryan Station; Jackie Robinson, Bryan Station; and Ainsley O’Connor, Lafayette

Snare: Isaac Robinson, Dunbar

Mallets: Ginny Duncan, Henry Clay; and Christopher Bylund, Lafayette

Timpani: Jonathan King, Henry Clay

Symphonic Band

Flute: Laura Tong, Dunbar; Madeline Deep, Henry Clay; Hian Seo, Lafayette; Bei Bei Sheng, Dunbar; Eric Chenou, Frederick Douglass; Natalie Butler, Lafayette; Eli Trainor, Lafayette; Madelaine Irvin, Lafayette

Oboe: Amanda Woolum, Lafayette; and Jiyaa Pandya, Frederick Douglass

Bassoon: Jack Baker, Dunbar; and Adrian Shepherd, Henry Clay

Clarinet: Marc Kim, Dunbar; Thomas Beck, Lafayette; Logan Liu, Lafayette; Maddie Andreatta, Lafayette; Tristan Martin, Dunbar; Quinn Morris, Tates Creek; Ava Vono, Lafayette; Daniel Clemons, Henry Clay; Kargan Caswell, Lafayette; Daniel Lee, Dunbar; Alex Taylor, Henry Clay; and Isabella Yin, Lafayette

Bass Clarinet: Luka Wolfe, Lafayette

Alto Sax: Leo Duncan, Lafayette; Isaac Weaver, Dunbar; and Mallory Grimm, Lafayette

Tenor Sax: Nick Crawford, Dunbar

Trumpet: Michael Martorano, Dunbar; Jackson Raines, Lafayette; Adrianna Dick, Bryan Station; Joseph Price, Lafayette; Hunter Bellis, Lafayette; Myles Arnold, Lafayette; Ariel Brozik, Henry Clay; and Jack Przygoda, Lafayette

Horn: James Weitkamp, Liam Rayens, and Isaac McKinney, all of Lafayette; and Elliot McKinney, Henry Clay

Trombone: Gabe Brown, John Koenig, Ian Ransom, Andrew Morton, and Jeremiah Matocha, all of Lafayette

Bass Trombone: Jayden Doan, Lafayette

Euphonium: Ramsey Barks, Lafayette

Tuba: Sam Koenig, Lafayette; Brian Valdez, Lafayette; and Brayden Rogers, Tates Creek

Snare: Coleman Shofner and Ben Schade, both of Lafayette

Mallets: Karver Caswell, Lafayette

Timpani: Odin Conrad, Lafayette

Source: Amanda Herceg, band director at Beaumont Middle School

Posted Jan. 26, 2023