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Oui! Leestown Students Excel in National French Contest

A teacher at Leestown Middle School, Sara Merideth, sends a big shout-out to her Advanced French students who earned recognition in the National French Contest.

Level 01 (7th grade)

These are middle school students completing the first half of a two-year language program. There were 2,976 participants across the country.

  • 8th place in the state, 11th in the nation: Jacksson Gonzalez Dominguez and Ashley Leon  
  • 9th in the state, 12th in the nation: Ana Orozco Gamez

Level 1 (8th grade)

These students are taking a French 1 course, both middle school and high school. There were 11,145 participants across the country.

  • 1st in the state, 3rd in the nation, receiving a gold medal: Colin Hinds and Ashley Kobwa
  • 3rd in the state, 5th in the nation, silver medal: Damaris Perez Lucas
  • 7th in the state, 9th in the nation, silver: Conor Schinaman
  • 8th in the state, 10th in the nation, bronze: Roselin Garcia Medrano
  • 9th in the state, 12th in the nation, bronze: Martin Martinez Garduno and Avril Rodriguez
  • 10th in the state, 13th in the nation, bronze: Elayna Ward

Contact: Sara Merideth at Leestown, (859) 381-3181

Posted May 10, 2022